how do you detect if someone is scamming?


how do you detect if someone is scamming?

Post by realcooldude2004 » August 23rd, 2006, 10:46 am

Ive never purchased a car and i will do so someday. Can anyone show me how a scam looks like. Ive seen alot of pictures on ebaymotorsucks website and i was clueless as to whats a scam or not maybe a few understandable like a farrari being sold for 25k. Can you people who are experienced in catching scams write down what on a website is a scam by pointing it out. I see the work naru and i dont know what it is, can someone start by showing me what that is or telling me what that is? THank you so much, your help is very appriciated.
im just curious how about someone start up a auto site better than ebay- that would surely shake ebay up-and maybe beating ebay to the ground.

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Post by MidoriMeadows » August 23rd, 2006, 10:36 pm

Scams come in many flavors. One big sign is Western Union Wire transfer. You have no control where it's picked up once you send it. So you think you're sending it to John Smith in TX but some guy in Romania can pick it up.

On eBay it's the ebay warehouse. Ain't no such thing.

As you've noticed, super cheap is a sign too.

Best thing to do is to inspect it yourself or hire your own inspector. Don't take the sellers word for it being inspected, it might be his dog or something.

NARU=not a registered user on ebay. Sometimes legit sellers get naru'd either for some minor infraction or because a credit card expired or something so that's not a guarantee of a scam.

Anything else, just ask. Sometimes it's a number of things.

There are many places to sell a car. Craigslist, autotrader and many specialty sites for certain makes of cars.
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