life is a beach with your cat..


life is a beach with your cat..

Post by Guest » October 9th, 2005, 1:01 pm

life is a beach with your cat
meowbeach (0 ) View Listings | Report Oct-08-05 21:22 PDT
I have been sitting back taking it easy in Sarasota lately. My kitties have been keeming me busy. So how has everyone been doing on the board? Anyone hear from Sarah. I told her the beamer was a bad investment. Write back.

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jr-41ford (23 ) View Listings | Report Oct-09-05 06:53 PDT 1 of 5
Meow-Mix, I haven't been doing too well for the last couple of weeks. Injured my leg, on crutches for another two weeks, cancelled my trip to Las Vegas, transferred tickets to relative, so they could go, and have been on some very potent meds. Been too stoned to drive and attend a car show this weekend and work on my Nova for the last couple of weeks.

I'm ready for some beers. And my three cats keep me busy too, brought another live bird in the house and let it go.

Hell, I'm doing just fine, couldn't be better.........


meowsertd (42 ) View Listings | Report Oct-09-05 07:55 PDT 2 of 5
sorry to hear that. the above poster seems to be our freind some beach causing trouble again.
Anything said by me is Parody and not to be taken seriously. No statements of fact made are to be deemed factual. ©

higain770 (399 ) View Listings | Report Oct-09-05 08:41 PDT 3 of 5
Hell, JR, now's the time to have those beers! Not as much fun when the meds wear off, ha ha!

the_meds_cart_guy (17 ) View Listings | Report Oct-09-05 10:50 PDT 4 of 5
someone call for meds?
Hi, have a great sunday!

some-beach! (86 ) View Listings | Report Oct-09-05 10:54 PDT 5 of 5
Hey Dane, you pathetic little fuck. So I reply to your e-mail and you take offense and post here acting once again like it's someone else? Coincidence you think, NOT!

You know damn well it's not me because I don't give a shit about you enough to piss on your head should it burst into flames much less want to waste the 10 minutes to post here

It wasn't but a few minutes after I replied to your e-mail that YOU [or another one of your multiple personalities] posted this and YOU know it!

I don't know what kind of medications you're on [or should be on] but you're one whacked out nut case!

Sorry to the rest of you but the smart ones have figured out this crazed sociopath long ago, for the ones who think he's 'all there' then maybe you should check yourself out!

I haven't posted for a while even though I did check in and wanted to help a few posters but with all the nonsense around here and on this board who cares anymore. I said I didn't want to be blunt Dane but apparenty that's all you comprehend

I said it on another board and I'll say it again, watch yourself Dane [or whatever current personality reads this] and what you say. I'll also repeat that I'll pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to you when you prove it's me, which you know it's not. Just so you understand, that would buy you 1 million of your pathetic little lives

Now, isn't their a bridge you want to jump off?

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Post by Guest » October 18th, 2005, 4:13 am

Meowbeach is meow/dane. They are the same person. I have proof and know this for a FACT. He replies to meowbeach\'s posts and acts like it\'s not him but it is him.