eBay safe Harbour Scam Reporting Thread


eBay safe Harbour Scam Reporting Thread

Post by Guest » September 4th, 2005, 8:37 pm

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Anyone free to do some mass reporting of hijacked accounts ?
candice_b_fureal (0 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 15:36 PDT
I have reported the theft of over 100 accounts in the past 24 hours.
The scammers never stop and I can't keep up with them on my own.

Anyone interested in finding and reporting some of these hijacked accounts?

Please use ASQ and I will tell you the details of how to find them and how to report them via email, if you don't already know.

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mark_ridings (701 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 15:50 PDT 1 of 10

You bring up an intersting point.

It really seems to me that the number of reporters of the most common scammers MUST be fewer than it was say, a year ago.

The scammers are running amok, and it's really, really, disconcerting that reported hijacked account's listings are staying on the site as long as they are. I mean like days in some cases.

I know you arent "on your own". I know people do report, just seems it cant be in the numbers it used to be.

I do notice an increase lately in vigilantes bidding on the fraud listings.
eBay ID: "This_auction_is_a_scam!!!!" (not a real ID)

people have started taking matters in their own hands.

I just think that eBay doesnt get it.

The company makes HUGES profits, yet for years people concerned about fraud have been begging them to do more about it.

I dont mean keyword spamming.
I dont mean any policy violation.

I refer to the obvious, outright, same old hijacked accounts that havent really changed for YEARS.

Sure! Give the scammers free worldwide adverising to reel in the newbies with their Western Union pitches.
(lose a future eBay customer forever)

Thehacked accounts are findable by the hundreds every day by anyone who has been around for a while.

eBay doesnt seem to understand the cause and effect if hijacked accounts, either.

If the scammers listings were pulled consistently, quickly, and were overwhelmingly made useless, the problem of hijacked accounts would go away. (okay, it would diminish)

People are tired of being the free eBay screening force I guess, and the scammers are not getting tired of receiving the Weztern Union payments...

I share your pain.

blue40moon (631 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 17:23 PDT 2 of 10
Candice your not alone,many people do report the hijacked accounts and scams. I have the link book marked so when i find something i got that link handy. Ebay is pretty quick to shut down the scam auctions when people like us report it

n.s.sherlock (10 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 17:25 PDT 3 of 10
If we can find them, then eBay can find them. Why do they have to wait for someone to report them first?

Respectfully, nss

"Is this email for real?" Protect yourself from criminal scam attempts (click).

blue40moon (631 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 17:30 PDT 4 of 10
Good point NSS. Not sure why that isnt working that way on ebays side.Maybe they rely on us or what i dont know. if they had software to detect the usual sayings "Do Not use ebay system to contact me ,it is down/filled up, but contact me at this [email protected]" listed in the auction

heir*to*the*holy*rings*of*betazed (23 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:02 PDT 5 of 10
I'm thinking that eBay can't be responsible for the monitoring because it would make them liable. As it stands, they have no liability. They are only a "venue" but if they start to do their own policing, then I bet the very first thing would be a lawsuit claiming that eBay is responsible for the fraud because they took that scammer down but they missed the scammer that got me. Either they get them all or none because if they only get some then there will be liability issues on the ones they missed. From a legal standpoint.

Okay, now for a continuing question on this subject. When you report a hijacked account, do most of you report all the auctions under that user id or just one? I could report more different id's by just reporting one fake auction but will that get the job done or does it need to be all the fake auctions with that id?

mark_ridings (701 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:09 PDT 6 of 10
I'm thinking that eBay can't be responsible for the monitoring because it would make them liable

i have thought that in the past as well...

"Hey! you found those other 100 listings, why didnt you finnd the one I was dopey enough to fall prey to?"

However, eBay readily admits, and it's obvious that they pull a lot of listings every day on their own.

Many times you will go to report a fresh Turbo scammer's set of items, and eBay has removed them already, very quickly.

They brag about the sophisticated screening software they use to find bad listings.

I have no doubt they remove probably 90% of the scammers listings, and what we see is the 10% that made it through for whatever reason.



The scammers are laughing at eBay, and at the suckers who send them money, all day every day.

It's great! doesnt cost them a nickel, their police are corrupt and ignore the fraud from their country, and eBay hasnt changed the response to it for a very long time evidently.

eBay could spend some of the $100 million per month profit they make on ore bodies manning the report queues.

It only seems worse, not better.

mark_ridings (701 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:11 PDT 7 of 10
When you report a hijacked account, do most of you report all the auctions under that user id or just one? I could report more different id's by just reporting one fake auction but will that get the job done or does it need to be all the fake auctions with that id?

eBay has said only 1 item per seller account needs to be reported to flag the account and bring it to their attention.

Not really believing the "1 is enough", I report up to ten listings per account... If they have 6 items I report all 6, if they have 100 items, I just report ten.

heir*to*the*holy*rings*of*betazed (23 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:13 PDT 8 of 10
I didn't realize that they did their own policing. I was always under the impression that the only auctions investigated were ones reported.

In that case, I agree, there definately needs to be an improvement on their end because you are right, it is worse.

pete-and-repeat (10 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:19 PDT 9 of 10
if they had software to detect the usual sayings

They introduced FADE (Fraud Automated Detection Engine).

I really don't think it is in use anymore.

I just looked at a certain Canadian scammer who is back again with another fraudulant listing that only accepts Paypal with Credit Card. He has been around about 2 weeks, and I have a list of about 20 ID's and 50 people scammed. I only looked for about 5 days. The one this morning was up for almost 5 hours, and the scammer took about $5000.

It makes me physically ill to keep looking. When the defrauded come to the boards looking for help, we will make sure to tell them that we did everything we could, and how


Here is a link from 2003 that claims ebay is PROACTIVE.

http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/73/ ... debar.html

From the article:
it wasn't until January of last year that the eBay's stance shifted from reactive to proactive. That month, Chesnut became the head of a newly formed department called Rules, Trust and Safety. Later in 2002, the company launched a software system called FADE (Fraud Automated Detection Engine.) Its objective was to try to spot signs of fraudulent auction activity before money changed hands.


http://www.sptimes.com/2003/03/31/Techn ... on_e.shtml
(scam casts doubt on Ebay fraud software)


And heres a page (2002) from Rob C. that says they are PROACTIVE. (If you read all the issues/questions asked, I don't really see how anything has changed here in 3 years - MANY/MOST of the same issues we see today).



You know it's a sad thing to see the regulars who help Ebay police the site (at no charge) being repeatedly disappointed with the security (or lack of it) on the site. It would also seem that input given to the Ebay "higher ups" has largely been ignored.

They should be easily able to search for these keyword phrases because the scammers don't even change their auctions - only their ID's, false contact information, and now Paypal accounts.


What do we have to do ???

Have a mass emailing to our Attorney Generals or News Organizations ??? Let Visa and Mastercard know that you as the merchant of record are doing nothing to verify users of Paypal who take credit cards and then defraud buyers ???(and in effect costing the credit card companies money because they are left "holding the bag").

Keep in mind that many of the regulars here are saving the details from fraudulant auctions before you delete them (and usually much too late). Some for several years.

Rant on.
Rant off.


heir*to*the*holy*rings*of*betazed (23 ) View Listings | Report Sep-04-05 18:27 PDT 10 of 10
Thanks mark,

You know, I'm one of those that have fallen down on the reporting job. I used to spend at least 2 hours a day but it is soooo neverending. I got to where I wouldn't seek them out, just report them while browsing. Seeing these threads and knowing that there are more concerned people kinda gives a body new vigor and new resolve.

When I first starting seeking out and reporting, I was always so happy to see them taken down, cause I really thought it meant one less person defrauded. Then as I got a little better at it, and started keeping records, I would find the same email addresses over and over. That's the discouraging part.

Well, I'm not doing anything this weekend. Have already done the chores and fixed supper. And tomorrow is a sleep-in holiday. So I'm going on a reporting fest. Ya'll have fun now, ya hear.

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