Ebay motors: great for sellers, horrible for buyers

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Ebay motors: great for sellers, horrible for buyers

Post by Doc » May 10th, 2005, 8:16 am

Looks like this whining buyer hit a Deer on his way home and is trying to get the seller to pay for the damage! Man.. That Takes BALLS!!

http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.d ... =-1&de=off

http://forums.ebay.com/db1/thread.jspa? ... 5728732638

pml001 (45 ) View Listings | Report May-10-05 03:13 PDT
If you ask an online Ebay chat agent about what to do in the case you purchase a vehicle and find the vehicle does not match it's description, they will likely tell you that you must complete the purchase regardless. Or they will tell you that until they've read this message and take corrective action. If the vehicle does not match it's description, in any way, your best bet is to lose your deposit and associated travel expenses by walking away. And Ebay's purchase protection will not do anything about problems...they flex the rules as needed to make certain you can't make a claim. And do not sign an "as is" statement for the buyer. Although this statement does not close off legal action possibilities against the seller, it is not part of Ebay's program. I have a vehicle that I purchased from an Ebay motors seller, he goes by the user id "tx_finest". The item ID is 4530063794. Obviously I have evidence proving the seller's retaliatory feedback is untrue...I upheld my end of the contract 100% yet I still ended up with negative feedback. This is another reason to not purchase from Ebay motors.

I noticed a few small things on the vehicle before I purchased it. The closer I looked, the more problems appeared. I drove off with the vehicle since Ebay's online agent said to complete the purchase no matter what. Two estimates from a body shop and repair shop total approximately $4400. I have received none of this money from the seller, from Ebay's purchase protection program, or from Ebay.

Obviously Ebay is bias toward the seller. The evidence of this is the fact that Ebay would simply close a seller's account once the seller has caused financial damages past a certain dollar amount.

HSBC, Ebay's vehicle finance company has not been helpful in the matter at all. They could have stopped payment on the check forcing the seller to make reparations. They refused to do this. HSBC forgets that the buyer is paying for the service of borrowing the money.

Perhaps in the future Ebay motors will be a viable option for purchasing a vehicle. Today, the buyer stands to lose substantially more than the seller making Ebay motors a problem for buyers that purchase vehicles.

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ejivana (8 ) View Listings | Report May-10-05 03:24 PDT 1 of 4
Can I buy a car thru the e-bay financing center with no problems?

mountain_motorsports (1527 ) View Listings | Report May-10-05 04:12 PDT 2 of 4
If the vehicle is not in the condition as stated in the listing, then it has been misrepresented by the seller. At that point the contract is null and void. You do not have to purchase something different than is listed. Ebay can not make you do anything, and niether can the person that is trying to rip you off.

mainedog70 (128 ) View Listings | Report May-10-05 05:28 PDT 3 of 4
I would hardly say that eBay is biased towards the seller, that eBay is great for the seller or any of that. Trust me, sellers have their own unique set of problems which include deadbeat bidders, Paypal chargebacks, many different types of scams, feedback extortion, etc. I would say that both sides need to be careful in a transaction.

What was the $4,400 in bodywork that was needed anyway? The photos don't show anything that I could see and the truck is too new to have rust/rot damage.

arkiehotrods (552 ) View Listings | Report May-10-05 05:38 PDT 4 of 4
I, too, would like to know precisely what the claimed $4,400 in repairs covers. According to the sellers feedback, you hit a deer on the way home with the truck and are trying to extort money from him in order to repair it. (BTW, seller has great feedback except for what you left). The pics of the truck show no damage, so what evidence (pics, written repair estimates) can you provide to get anyone to join you in your whinefest? Sorry, you bought it. Enjoy it.

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