What's with the BOGUS add-on Fees SCAM by dealers?

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What's with the BOGUS add-on Fees SCAM by dealers?

Post by Doc » April 25th, 2005, 1:16 pm

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What's with the BOGUS add-on Fees SCAM by dealers?
supremeknight (941 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 10:55 PDT
Notice a trend in car dealer listings lately, particularly out of Texas? Prep. fees, Doc. Fees, Inventory Tax Fees, Title Prep. Fees, Fees up your A** Fees, etc..? Maybe a bunch of has-been Washington politicians moved to Texas to create their own empires (car dealerships)? Politician/Car Salesman, not really a lot of difference, especially when looking at them from the back end.

Ever hear of 'cost of doing business'? Why don't you morons that think they've found another gravy train type scam get alittle more creative while your at it? How about 'Power Bill Fee', 'Toilet Flush Fee', etc.?

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playtowin7 (0 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 11:06 PDT 1 of 15
Avoid this loser. Update your blocked bidder lists.

haldemanfordinc (55 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 11:27 PDT 2 of 15
If you don't like the terms and conditions of an auction, then don't bid. A sensible bidder would decide how much they are willing to spend, then deduct any fees and taxes from the amount that they bid.

texas_direct (348 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 11:28 PDT 3 of 15
We charge 2 fee's, a doc fee to cover the cost of processing the documentation and title work, and a prep fee to cover servicing and detailing of vehicle prior to delivery, in Texas the VIT or (V)ehichle (I)nventory (T)ax is fee collected by the county in which the dealership is doing business, this is remitted directly to the state. We list all of the fees upfront and go over them prior to completing a transaction, if an individual doesn't want to pay the fees it's a free market, and they can walk.

If you want to see some questionable fee's, take a good look next time you close on a house or pay your phone or utility bill.

Rick out...

curtis857 (13 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 15:58 PDT 4 of 15
Cars are supposed to be serviced and detailed before they are offered for sale. It does not cost $199 to have the title clerk transfer a title.
As for elec.& telephone bills that is govt. fees another tax. Dealer prep is just a value added fee by the dealer.
It is bogus. Another way to extort money. I am a dealer and I have never charged it.

playtowin7 (0 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 16:21 PDT 5 of 15
Good for you, Curt. What do you want? A medal?

lockman (123 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 16:37 PDT 6 of 15
It's the same BS the auctions started doing, charging a "buyer's Fee". They couldn't gouge the sellers enough, I guess.

I don't think you need to pay someone extra for the privilage of buying from them.

I don't in my business.

mountain_motorsports (1526 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 16:55 PDT 7 of 15
It's the greed of the capitalistic system at work. Now if we could just get back to a basic communist system all these nasty fees could be avoided.....

2*many*cars (182 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 17:17 PDT 8 of 15
...and we could travel by horsecart.

supremeknight (941 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 19:11 PDT 9 of 15
playtowin7 --

The Big zero after your ID says it all. It's doubtful you know what a medal is, but you might try asking someone older than you, after you wipe the big 'L' off your forehead.

Mountain Motorsports --

Capitalism does not equal greed. Greed is a choice, be you a capitalist or a communist. What curtis857, lockman, myself and actually most societies recognize, is that greed is a product of scum sucking toilet lickers. It's a choice you make and a label you chose. It isn't forced upon you.

And being a capitalist and in a free society, not only can I call a spade a spade, I don't have to deal with toilet lickers.

playtowin7 (0 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 19:28 PDT 10 of 15
Hey bonehead, it's called a posting id. You probably have not heard of this before, because you're too stupid to know better.

mountain_motorsports (1526 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 20:07 PDT 11 of 15
"It's a choice you make and a label you chose. It isn't forced upon you" Well....DUH...
What do you think every one here has been saying......
...and the word sarcasm comes to mind somewhere, but it escapes me right now for some reason....Oh yea, that's because it's wasted on some...
If you don't like toilet lickers, don't do you business in the crapper.....

wandrn (153 ) View Listings | Report Apr-24-05 20:50 PDT 12 of 15
Excuse me. I also do not like the fees some people charge, just as some don't like the fees that Ebay charges. But! It is the sellers sales and Ebays business. I don't have to buy if I don't like the sellers fees or list if I don't like Ebays fees. Just as in going to a resturant, if I don't like the food, I don't have to go there.

This is a free country, not a communist state, we all have that right to do what we want, legally anyways.

phony1963 (-1 ) View Listings | Report Apr-25-05 05:30 PDT 13 of 15
I hate the fees ... they make me angry but then I wont buy from them so its all good.

what bugs me is the fact sellers on ebay are not allowed to surcharge to cover the cost of listing. yet in the motors section they do it frequently.

rapparts (1290 ) View Listings | Report Apr-25-05 06:03 PDT 14 of 15
supremeknight (et al)...

Here's the "moment of zen" regarding your comment (this isn't personally directed to you):

Does anyone put a gun to your head (or any other bidder) forcing you to BID/BUY a vehicle if you know that there are additional fees - legal, scam, padded, or otherwise?

If response is an angry, "How was I supposed to know that those fees would be tacked on," then - too bad. You shouldn't be bidding on ANY auctions at all. You didn't do your homework.

Have you ever walked into a car dealership, asked the sticker price, said, "I'll take it," and never followed up with, "WHAT WILL MY FINAL COST BE, WITH ALL THE TAXES AND FEES?" I doubt it.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will come to this board and complain about conditon/shipping/costs...etc., when they never bother to check out that information PRIOR to bidding.

It's true - some really professional scammers can slip through the system - but if bidders got off their rear ends and took some smart pre-emptive investigative steps - I'm sure the percentage of post-purchase complaints would be minimal.




Same goes true for condition of car.

You will find OUTSTANDING, honest sellers on and off Ebay, you will find thoroughly scam/crooked sellers on and off Ebay. A SMART person will investigate and ask questions (and ALSO inspect!!) before hitting the "Bid" button.

northwestmetals (36 ) View Listings | Report Apr-25-05 09:39 PDT 15 of 15
I always look at the total to decide if I want to buy something. Doesn't matter to me what they call it. I just care about the bottom line. If I think the total is too high then I don't bid.


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Post by Me » May 7th, 2005, 3:43 am

I remember this. That poster was another one of those cry babies - just like "Beach" has become!

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Post by Doc » May 8th, 2005, 8:29 pm

I don't see what the big deal is, Just deduct any fees from the most one would bid..

Some just can't stand knowing a Dealer is making a profit. That is what makes this the USA! If everyone sold at a loss the whole country would go belly up!
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Post by JR » May 8th, 2005, 10:18 pm

Doc, that sounds like what I did at the swap meet yesterday. Bought high and sold low. Lost about $75.00 on old car parts. The losses would of been much higher, but had quite a bit of R-12 that was given to me, which made up for my losses.

I figure that when I sell used stuff, I'm not going to get the new price I paid for it, but I don't want to give it away for free. I sold almost everything I had. My truck was full when I started, with a few things in another truck, I took home the table and a very small box of items worth just under $25.00. I sold stuff to get it out of my garage, now I have room to buy more stuff.