Possibly Dangerous ebay motors seller

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Possibly Dangerous ebay motors seller

Post by Doc » April 4th, 2005, 5:15 am

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Possibly Dangerous ebay motors seller
eaglesdad01 (10 ) View Listings | Report Apr-02-05 19:56 PST
I just had a problems with an ebay motors seller, that could have ended up very badly, and I need to know how to stop this individual before he seriously hurts someone.

I recently won the bid on a 90 Volvo 240. After which I had several problems that had nothing to do with the transaction, but delayed me from getting to the car and picking it up. I tried to keep in contact with the seller, but my comuter did a meltdown number, and a few other things came up adding to the delay.

Finally on on wednesday of this week I was able to fly the 700 miles to the Boston area to get the car, and then, as per his instructions I was to take a bus to Plymouth Mass where he'd pick me up.

He changed his mind and I was to meet him at the "Galleria" (a mall outside of Taunton Mass) at around 3:00pm, which was inconvenient, but ok, especially since he had to endure all the problems I had been having.

He finally picked me up at about 7:30pm and drove me to an auto auction yard 20 minutes further out on the edge of no where. To pick up the car.

When he started the car, there was a definite knock in the motor of this "Great safe dependable 90 Volvo 240 DL...". (see item number4533296880)

He first told me that if you stepped on the gas it would go away. Then he told me that all Volvos sounded that way.

Having two running 240 Volvos and one that developed an engine knock like this just before the engine seized, I knew better.

I tried to back out of the deal gracefully(since he had completely misrepresented the car), but he got very angry and aggressive(but I am a pretty good size guy so he kept his distance). I believe that if he thought he could have taken me he would have tried something, as it is he left me there in a dark parking lot, in the middle of nowhere at least 45 miles from any public transportation.

I believe this man is dangerous, and "Will" end up hurting someone seriously.

I also feel like he stole $400 from me, which is a little less than the whole trip cost me, with 2 one way tickets, the extra transportation, meals and lodging. To say nothing of the 4 days total that this whole mess took.

What can I do?

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prince29669 (Private ) View Listings | Report Apr-02-05 22:21 PST 1 of 15
A 15 year old car with a 178,000 miles for $413? What did you expect? The junk yard would probably go a $100, or it might part out for that much. I looks like the guy deals with bogue mobiles and repos. What would expect when dealing with Dirty Rat Motors?

peeptoadruth (513 ) View Listings | Report Apr-02-05 23:51 PST 2 of 15
Why on earth would you fly 700 miles for this piece of garbage? A 1990 Volvo with 178,000 miles on it? Please! I never would have bid on this car because it only had one photo and he never really mentioned the condition of the drivetrain. Did you ask him any questions about the engine before bidding? The mistake the seller made was letting you check out the car before paying for it. You did not bid to check out the car and then decide if you want it. You won the auction and the seller should have insisted on payment in full before you picked it up. If you don't check out a car before bidding, you are looking for trouble. You should have called contacted him via e-mail and asked questions about the overall condition of the car. That way you'd have proof if he stated that the engine was mechanically sound. Leaving you to fend for yourself was childish of him and probably against the law. What a jerk! Consider yourself lucky and move on. You could be out 400 for expenses and 413 for a junky car. Report him to eBay and learn from your mistakes.

mountain_motorsports (1519 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 04:18 PDT 3 of 15
A soon as the you knew that the guy was going to leave you stranded you should have beat the hell out of him, took his car, and drove your self to a police department.
When the cops ask, just claim that you escaped from a mad man and had to take the car to escape. Then press criminal charges for kidnapping against him.....

carzamerica (310 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 05:07 PDT 4 of 15
I wouldn't travel 7 miles let alone fly 700 miles for this, what there aren't any crap cans where you live ??...If someone handed that car to me for FREE I still wouldn't take it. If the listing said the car runs and drives ok, then it should do that without a knock in the engine, BUT, travel all that way, plane tickets, time, food,, etc....for a crap can ??? blows my mind...its obvious your value system and mine are different...I value my time....the thing about "sayings" is that they are true...like " there is an ass for every seat"...pretty much fits here.

tony1963 (384 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 05:34 PDT 5 of 15
A fool and his money are soon parted, as we see in this example.

[eyes rolling]

rapparts (1280 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 05:57 PDT 6 of 15
If I felt the burning need to spend $400 on a risk -- I would have flown out to INSPECT the car personally, BEFORE I entered a bid. At least that way, I'd feel better about losing just $400 and travel time - and NOT having made a commmitment to buy something sight unseen....

He didn't steal anything from you. He might have lied/exaggerated in the description -- but the responsibility was YOURS to make that determination BEFORE you bid!

playtowin7 (0 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 07:01 PDT 7 of 15
I feel like you should buy a new Volvo next time.

rockbottomcars (10 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 09:00 PDT 8 of 15
My Name is Lou from Rockbottomcars
To defend myself this guy never went by my auction rules and I had to file an unpaid item before he contacted me.
I did not misrep this vehicle
This guy is a complete "MORON" ($413 Volvo That Runs good)
I did everything I could to help this guy.
I would not hurt a fly
It is not my fault God made me a big Guy.
He did make me Honest
Please read My feedbacks
I've sold cars all over the U.S.A
To happy E-Bayers
Thanks for your time
ScooterLou at Rockbottomcars

prince29669 (Private ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 09:16 PDT 9 of 15
Did you really leave him stranded at the lot?

gearhead_to_the_max (289 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 09:47 PDT 10 of 15
I'm wondering why to OP had 2 one-way tickets.

rockbottomcars (10 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 10:14 PDT 11 of 15
He has family here
He spent some time with them he said.
I don't think he had any intentions on buying the vehicle.He told me he spent $100 on plane fair.

alanmaier (1795 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 11:23 PDT 12 of 15
LOL! What the &#!! do you expect out of a $413 beater? There's a ass for every seat indeed... and it looks like someone's found a old beater 240 just to prove it.

The burning question is, did the engine knock when you inspected it prior to bidding?

The obvious is that if I had that car setting in my driveway, the neighborhood association would have a fit. It's a fixer/parts/beater 'til she blows car, and half-whit maroon can figure that out.

The real possibly dangerous part of this is the bidder. Duh!

rapparts (1280 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 11:36 PDT 13 of 15

Thank you for letting me vent..I feel better now.

carzamerica (310 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 12:03 PDT 14 of 15
putting the stupidity aside of travelling anywhere for a 400 dollar junk box, how is he supposed to check it out beforehand, isnt the whole point of ebay being able to bid on something and having some assurance it is a s described ??. An obvious knock in the engine should be disclosed (if it was there). If it is all "caveat emptor" then ebay is just a waste of time.

If a collector car is advertised as a " complete nut and bolt frame off restorations show car" then it should be that, nothing less......advertised as a nice older restoration...should be that etc...

Like I said before, ove the past few years I have bought 4 MGs from California....all were just fine...I called the sellers, we talked about the cars, they told me what they knew etc....every one was fine and one was underdescribed how rare is that....If I felt that I had to fly 3,000 miles check that 6,000 mile round trip, spend all that time and money...I wouldn't bother with ebay at all.

So no matter what you are selling, you have to describe it right, sure there will always be some discrepencies that may come up, but they should be minor....not a knock in the engine etc. But travel anywhere for a 400.00 crap can...like I said,blows my mind.

rapparts (1280 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 14:53 PDT 15 of 15

>"...HOW is he supposed to check it out beforehand??"... He either makes the trip to view it prior to bidding, hires an INDEPENDENT inspection service (not a referral through the seller) to check it out, or he deals LOCALLY.

Let's face it -- there are some top notch car dealers/sellers on Ebay -- and you can tell by their feedback, their presentation, their precise descriptions...etc, that their vehicles would be as presented. I would feel somewhat comfortable in that situation - but at the VERY LEAST, I'd have an extended conversation with the seller!!

Buying a vehicle, that most probably my family and I will be driving, or riding in, where safety is a major factor -- is a bit different from buying a Playstation! If you saw a used Gulfstream or Piper Cub on auction, or a used parachute, or SCUBA regulator -- would you buy THAT on face value and not bother to check it out/ask questions prior to bidding? In this case -- maybe I missed it -- but I don't see where the OP even spoke to/questioned the seller prior to bidding/winning....

Maybe it's just me -- but I really believe that the bidder has a modicum of responsibility in these transactions!!

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