What do I do about non-responding seller?

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What do I do about non-responding seller?

Post by Doc » April 4th, 2005, 5:04 am

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What do I do about non-responding seller?
dargonfay (386 ) View Listings | Report Apr-03-05 23:03 PDT
I recently purchased a vehicle on ebay motors (keeping this general, as not to imply the specific ebay seller), and after driving the car over 5 states home, the car is not all it says in the description.

The ad stated the truck had duel airbags. It does not, it has drivers side airbag. We purchased this truck specifically because it was dual!

Anyway, the seller informed me, that when you put in the vin#, it automatically supplies the standard information. (Although, after trying to list the car on ebay myself via the same way, I was able to click on stuff it had, or didn't have).

Even IF this automated information was incorrect, it was not stated anywhere in the auction that "This Vehicle Only Has A Driver's Side Airbag".

There is a glove box, in place of where an airbag would go. I think someone would mention this in the description!!!

Second, the cars rear hatch does not open and the key we have does not fit in the lock. (Noticed the pictures never showed it open, after we received the car).

Third, the hood would not open, so we asked how they opened it. Said it was working fine when they last opened it. It opened.......at 65! Luckily the safety catch caught it and it didn't rip completely off!

I have emailed the seller asking how to get into the back of the truck, and the last email they sent me stated:

If you don't like the truck, sell it, the resale value is what you paid for it. If you are just going to stir things up, I am not going to reply to any more emails.

And they never told me how to get in the back of the truck!!!!! And that was the subject of my last email to them!!!!!

Am wondering where I should go from here.....

We ARE going to resell this vehicle, because it is not what we thought we were getting.

Granted, it is a very nice truck.....for someone else.

Neither of us have left feedback for each other, and I purchased the truck with an established business ebay account that has 0 negative feedback! It took me years to acquire my feedback, and I would hate to see them leave negative feedback on my account, when my whole business clientele is all jewelry-based.

I will not leave feedback (which would be negative, due to the last email I received) and hope that they don't either.

I will never purchase such a spendy item over the internet again!!!

So I am wondering what I should do about this person. (They have 3 feedback, 1 of which is negative, 1 is neutral). I think they blatantly lied in the description about some other things on the truck as well but who should I contact on the eBay end of this ordeal?

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!

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kathrynscollectibles (13 ) View Listings | Report Apr-04-05 02:03 PDT 1 of 1
Before you get too beat up on this board, Please understand that the time to inspect the truck is before you bid, not after paying for it and driving across 5 states.

You purchased a used truck without a warranty, It's an As-Is Sale.

You can go to a locksmith or a factory repair facility (I.E. Ford, Chevy or Dodge Dealership) and have them open the back for you and then have a key made. Then go out and buy some grease and lubricate the Hood Opener. As for the Passenger side air bag...Too expensive to retrofit.


PS: Personally I think you are suffering from Buyers remorse, If in fact you only purchased the Truck because it had a Passenger Air Bag, Wouldn't that be the first thing you would look for.
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